inSCRIBE Bengaluru 2019 | FAQs

I do not have a journalism / media background. Can I still apply?
Of course, you can. All you need is to know communicably good English.

What if I have further questions about the assignment after the first two sessions?
The Workshop Mentor will be accessible to all particpants during the ten-day workshop. You are most welcome to send in queries.

I already have a published piece that I want to polish up. Can I do that?
Yes, you can... in the sense of taking the story to its next logical level. But mind you, the "polishing up" bit does not mean that you will get your story edited by us; it only means that you will be able to rework that article.

In case I’m unable to attend the workshop after registration, will I get a refund?
We do have a cancellation policy. See the relevant section for details.

Will there be an extended programme for writers to connect?
No. But should there be enough number of quality articles that can be published together as a book, then we will surely need to organise a meet-up. That will, however, not be part of this workshop—it would be a professional interaction between a publisher and a group of writers.

I’ve been selected, but I’m 4 days late to pay the registration fee. Am I still eligible to register?
If you are selected on basis of your application, you will need to pay the workshop fee by September 30. Since the number of participants is limited to 20, we may not be able to accommodate you if all seats are taken. But in case we are able to do so (rope you in), we surely will.

What are the things I need to carry for the sessions?
Ideally, all the paraphernalia required for writing—certainly in today's world. Those would include a laptop. Writing materials and internet connections would be provided by us.

I know very little about Bengaluru as I just shifted here, will that be a problem for me to collect stories?
Not necessarily. But it would not be easy. If you are a newcomer it would be better if you could figure out first what story ideas would be feasible to execute without knowing much about the city or its people.

How do we get paired up?
We will do that through lots.

Can I pair up with a friend?
Sure, but let us know well in advance.

Is there a discount for registrations done in groups?

How do the partners work? What if we want to work on separate stories?
You can work individually. Then again, you will need to tell us that well before the workshop gets under way.

Should the stories only be from Bengaluru?
Yes, because that would be more feasible given the fact that this is a ten-day workshop with five days of fieldwork. That would leave precious little time to travel out.

Do I need to take photographs while covering the stories? If so, is carrying a DSLR a requirement?
Photographs definitely add value to a story. If you can take photographs, why not? Please do so! But carrying a DLSR is not a must since these days you can take print quality photographs with most smartphones.

Do we get to keep the study materials we receive from the workshop?
Of course.


Selection of Participants

  • Go through all the sections of the inSCRIBE microsite.
  • Apply through this page. Ensure that your application includes three story ideas that you might want to pursue. You can chase any one or all of those, subject to approval by the Workshop Mentor. The story ideas would need to be rooted in Bengaluru.
  • Your application should also include three writing samples that would be relevant to the workshop.
  • Applications will be evaluated on basis of the story ideas, and two other sections on the application page: 'Why I want to participate in the workshop' and 'What I expect to take away from the workshop'.
  • If your application is approved, you will be intimated about the selection by EOD September 24.
  • You will have to pay the registration fee by due date. The payment details will be intimated to you only if you are selected. Failing to make the payment (without intimation) will mean that your selection would be cancelled, and the seat would be offered to someone else.

Important Dates

  • Applications: September 1-20, 2019
  • Selection of participants: September 21-24, 2019
  • Registration and payment: September 26-30, 2019
  • Workshop: October 11-20, 2019


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