inSCRIBE Bengaluru 2019 | Output

To repeat: this is a workshop; not a crash course. The workshop has been planned and will be executed in a way that will produce results. Candidates will have to produce articles that (cumulatively) run into a minimum of 5,000 words. Those, of course, can be broken down: say, three articles of 1700 words each, or two articles of 2,500 words each.

If there are enough number of quality articles that can be collated in the form of a book, then those write-ups will be published in such form / format by INSCRIPTIONS in due course. This aspect of the workshop will be made clear to participants before the curtains are drawn on the event.

Every participant will be given a certificate of participation.

Participants will retain the full and absolute copyright over the works that they produce during the workshop. INSCRIPTIONS will retain the right to reproduce those (edited and updated) in form of the book mentioned above, and/or on its website

If articles are selected for publication, then those might have to be updated / expanded for the purpose. This will be done subsequently, and the process will not fall under the ambit of this workshop.

Selection of Participants

  • Go through all the sections of the inSCRIBE microsite.
  • Apply through this page. Ensure that your application includes three story ideas that you might want to pursue. You can chase any one or all of those, subject to approval by the Workshop Mentor. The story ideas would need to be rooted in Bengaluru.
  • Your application should also include three writing samples that would be relevant to the workshop.
  • Applications will be evaluated on basis of the story ideas, and two other sections on the application page: 'Why I want to participate in the workshop' and 'What I expect to take away from the workshop'.
  • If your application is approved, you will be intimated about the selection by EOD September 24.
  • You will have to pay the registration fee by due date. The payment details will be intimated to you only if you are selected. Failing to make the payment (without intimation) will mean that your selection would be cancelled, and the seat would be offered to someone else.

Important Dates

  • Applications: September 1-20, 2019
  • Selection of participants: September 21-24, 2019
  • Registration and payment: September 26-30, 2019
  • Workshop: October 11-20, 2019


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