The Background

The History: How It All Began

In July 1999, Editor Subir Ghosh launched an online book reviews magazine called The Reviewer. This he did under the banner of Allwrite Editorial and Media Consultants, which took up turnkey editorial and designing projects for publishing houses in the National Capital Region (NCR). The Reviewer happened well ahead of its time and had on its panel, at its peak, as many as 53 reviewers from around the world. Most of the panelists were academics, specialists in their own respective fields. The Reviewer was a weekly magazine that happened slightly before the Dotcom Boom, and long before Internet advertising and Google Adsense changed the world. The zine had to close shop after one year or so — after publishing 54 issues.

Allwrite EMC also launched a news archive on the Northeast called Northeast Vigil. After The Reviewer closed down, Allwrite EMC was renamed Inscriptions. The work profile remained the same, but with a larger client base. Northeast Vigil is currently moribund, but may be revamped and relaunched in early 2009. This site too, once again, was one that was well ahead of its time. Northeast Vigil collated news and information pertaining to India's Northeast from all over the Web. That was a time when precious little information/news about the region was available on the Internet. Over the years, of course, all that changed. Most newspapers from the Northeast now have their own websites, and countless other sites on the region too have sprung up. Northeast Vigil would now be repositioned as something else altogether. The old archives are still available for reference — you can access those at

The third major project was The site was launched on August 1, 2005 to serve as an independent and non-partisan online monitor of the news media and journalism. Though the idea initially was to look only at India, the overwhelming response that it received from the world over was instrumental in repositioning the site as something that looked at issues and news pertaining to journalists and the news media from an international perspective. Inscriptions has been renamed NewswatchPlus. For the sake of records, NewswatchPlus is the consulting arm of the website and now offers a host of services to publishers of both print and online content.