Why You Should Outsource

Contract Publishing: You Should Outsource

Innumerable organisations are today turning to outside sources to produce their publications under contract. Contract publishing is nothing else but outsourcing the task of producing a publication to an outside agency. Outsourcing makes sense—it cuts down on your costs and does away with logistical hassles. It makes all the more sense if you don't have the in-house expertise, both in terms of editorial as well as designing hands, to handle publications professionally.

It makes better business sense to go in for contract publishing (known as custom publishing in the United States) since the project can now be handled by an agency which has the systems and logistics in place to ensure everything: quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The philosophy behind contract publishing is specific: do what you do best and leave everything else to a content and publishing consultancy firm like newswatch.in.

OUTSOURCING TO INDIA: Companies the world over are moving their non-core business processes to outsource providers. Contract publishing, like other business process outsourcing operations, saves precious management time and resources and allows focus while building upon core competencies. When you outsource the work to a quality-conscious firm in India where overheads are relatively inexpensive, you save money and get your quality product too.

INSCRIPTIONS has the requisite and dedicated internal resources (both editorial and production), and in-place partnerships with major printing houses to help with your publishing needs. We do this in a step-by-step manner:

  • Strategy consultation;
  • Outline development;
  • Design development;
  • Copy-editing;
  • Fact-checking;
  • Designing;
  • Printing.

We believe that our credibility, and hence our future as a set-up, lies in what we deliver—both in terms of quality as well costs and deadlines. In other words, we look at your product as something in which we vest our own integrity and future. What better commitment can you ask for? If we do something for you, we ensure that we have a sense of belonging too. And we stick to our guns till the end.